About Us

Manyata Merchants is a Kenyan leading horticultural growing and exporting company founded in 2010 by experts who have over 20 years’ experience in highly demanding and competitive sector of fresh fruits, cereals, coffee beans and vegetables export.

Manyata Merchants is also one of Kenya’s licensed coffee dealer and exporters.

We grow tropical fruits, assorted vegetables, cereals, coffee and herbs in natural habitat carefully observing EU registration general food law EC178/2002 that guarantee hygienic production from the start of the production chain. Apart from conventional product we shall be soon start offering a line of organic products as we are finalizing our Bio operator certification in no time.

From the farms our produce is transported to our BRC –food certified pack – house where they undergo stringent quality check and then pre- cooled to start the cool chain up to the markets, we can carry out added value activities including customization and private labeling services and branding cartons for our customers end consumer without them having to repack or package the product themselves

We co-operate with leading shipping lines to ensure optimal transport conditions for our export consignments that avoid breaking the continuous cool chain, for our air freight cargo we work closely with clearing agents in JKI Airport Nairobi located only 10 minutes from our pack-house

To be a world class exporter that delivers the highest quality produce at very competitive prices.

Leading local farmers to earn carbon credit by planting trees to enable sink the carbon foot print and improve the environment
We also help build sustainable development in rural areas through contacting small scales farmers and fair –trade produce procurement giving our people opportunity to earn through professional farming

Customer focus
Integrity and transparency

Manyata merchants’ team works hard to deliver worlds freshest, most carefully selected and juiciest fruits, freshest of vegetables, cereals, coffee beans and natural herbs to our clientele in Europe and other countries.